How To Incorporate Home Tech Into Your Historic Home

Part of the enjoyment of owning a historic home is its charm, history and original beauty. But living in an older home doesn’t mean that you can’t satisfy your technology needs! There are ways to integrate home technology into your home without taking away from its historic charm.

Sony Smart TV

Sony Smart TV

Smart Televisions

The simplest, and most obvious, addition to a historic home is installing a smart TV. Many of these televisions have built in Wi-Fi that let you surf the internet, watch streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and SlingTV, and have built in games and apps for your enjoyment. Even better is the picture quality on these televisions. You can watch your favorite shows and movies in crystal clear high definition. Because of their sleek designs, you can place them on a wall, or within a cabinet or other piece of furniture so that they blend right in to the room.


Home Automation

Home automation is a huge trend right now. With a click of a button, you can open your blinds, make sure your garage door is closed (even when you’re not at home), turn the lights on in the house on your drive home and heat up the hot tub without going out in the cold. There are some awesome home automation brands available today including Crestron, Control4 and Amazon SmartThings Hub. By integrating home automation to your historic house, you are bringing the home into the modern era without disrupting the history or being disruptive. You are bringing the ease and convenience of technology into an older home.

Home Security

We often hear clients say that home security is one of the most important features they want to ensure their house has. Here’s a list of the five best home security systems you might be interested in. Adding a camera and a home monitoring device is a great way to bring peace of mind and technology into your home.

Smart Fridges

These might seem a little silly or you might think to yourself, “who really needs one of those?”, but once you check it out, you won’t be able to imagine your life without it. The built in screens include apps where you can build grocery lists, leave notes for your family, search the web for the perfect dinner recipe and stream music. Some of these Smart Refrigerators even have built in cameras. Let’s say you are at the grocery store and can’t remember if you have eggs or milk, you can take a look inside your fridge! It’s convenient and an easy way to add technology to your home without taking away from the historic nature and physical structure of the house.


Sonos Speaker

Streaming Music Devices

Most people aren’t looking for big, bulky music systems in their home that will take away from the home decor. Good news: there are many small and wireless music devices like those from Sonos and Bose that boost great sound and look great in every room of your house! Perfect for parties or for a casual Wednesday pick-me-up dance party.

If you’re ready to take your historic home into the 21st century, these are just a few ways you can integrate technology into your home seamlessly and without disruption.