This is the “traditional” method of choosing your contractor: Hire an architect and spend three months designing your dream. He helps collect bids from his “recommended” list of contractors. The bids all come back way over budget. You spend more time and money redesigning and it goes out for bid again. There is one contractor who has come close to your budget so he is selected and after a five or six month process, he starts working. Only then do you realize how important that contractor becomes to your peace of mind. Your home is invaded, torn apart, dirty, dusty and in complete disarray! If you are really lucky, that low bid contractor turns out to be a decent guy and it only takes a couple of months and a few thousand dollars more than promised. Most times, the homeowner is not that lucky!

There is a better way and it’s called Design/Build! You interview and choose the professional remodeling contractor who has a list of excellent referrals, an A+ rating with the BBB and has been a stable, reliable contractor for many years. Once chosen you and your contractor can build a rapport and trust that will transcend the highs and lows of any project in your home.

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