Working with Your Lender to Make Home Remodeling Possible

We love the tree-lined streets and walkability of the various neighborhoods in and around communities like Kirkwood, Glendale, Webster Groves, Des Peres, Frontenac and the surrounding areas. These vibrant communities feature beautiful homes along with great places to eat, shop, live and work. And of course, we have many top-rated schools right in our backyards. There are few places that…

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Easy To Remember Home Ownership Tip #4

GUTTERS are a very important part of your home. Today our expert home owner shares a tidbit of crucial information to help you keep your gutters in A+ shape.

Easy To Remember Home Ownership Tip #3

If something in your home has a filter, that filter MUST be replaced or cleaned. No ifs, ands or buts, you must change them per the manufacturers specifications to get the intended performance out of whatever it is. Be it a refrigerator, water dispenser, ice maker, furnace, humidifier, ice machine, water filtration, pool, dryer, whatever…This is a critical part in…

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Easy To Remember Home Ownership Tip #2

Your personal professional homeowner is back again with another easy to remember tip for taking care of your investment. Let Amie Riggs educate you with Tip #2 today!

Hot Design Trends Right Now in Kirkwood & Webster Groves

In our last blog, we talked about why it’s such a good idea to remodel your Webster Groves or Kirkwood home. Today we’re here to share some of the trends that we’re seeing in our clients’ home renovation projects. We love to reflect upon the finished masterpiece, and to get inspired by it. Each home is unique, and each RIGGS…

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Why you should (and can) invest in remodeling your Kirkwood or Webster Groves Home

As time passes, our lives change and so do our needs, wants and living space requirements. Our homes and neighborhoods become an integral part of our day to day existence. Relationships, habits and lifestyles are formed as we adapt and grow with our surroundings. Leaving a place that you’ve laid down roots in is often times not the goal or…

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RIGGS 2018 Color Trends and Predictions

It might seem like just yesterday was a hot, humid summer day, and now we’re looking at snow in the future forecast and already planning our New Year’s Resolutions! Alright, some of us might not be planning that far in advance, but you get the drift. If you’re a fan of Pinterest or decor magazines (go ahead and raise your…

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Pantone (and RIGGS) Honor Prince with a New Purple Shade

When Prince passed away last year, the hearts of millions broke and the world became a little less colorful. Prince, the Purple One, the R&B/Funk God, was one of a kind and pushed the music industries cookie-cutter envelope. We grew up listening to Prince, rocked out at parties, watched his music videos and witnessed him living out his “royal” lifestyle….

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Trend Watch: Bathroom Trends for 2017

What’s the first room in your home you visit when you wake up in the morning? If you’re like most, you probably answered the bathroom. Yet while you may see the bathroom as just a place you visit throughout the day, it’s much more than that! It’s a laboratory for bold designs, offering trends that are big on personality and…

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Exterior Maintenance Matters

While we didn’t have a terribly harsh winter this season in St. Louis, we can now officially say that Spring is just around the corner. That means more outside activities, and the perfect time of year to give your home some attention. While we’re able to control the environment inside our homes, we have little authority over the what the…

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