Are You Ready For A Killer Kitchen?

In most recent years, the kitchen has become the heart of the home. The kitchen remodel usually guarantees an average 80% return on your investment; it’s a cost-effective room remodel and there’s always a trend to rely on. Whether you’re thinking of putting your house on the market or not, a full or partial kitchen remodel can aid you in the right direction towards a more functional and durable space.

Hidden Appliances

Who said a refrigerator had to look like refrigerator? Hidden appliances are items that are made to look like cabinets with the same design and hardware, in particular, kitchen items. All appliances, including microwaves and toasters, can be easily molded into the design scheme. If you’re one to reside in the kitchen regularly, you’ll have an attraction to disguised cabinetry. These pieces are cozy, clean and uncluttered overall. Do away with the stainless-steel appliances in the new year and appeal with a bit of ambiguity.

Wood Paneling

If you’re looking to win over your grandparents and grasp hold of some of the seasonal styles, wood paneling is the trend that will help you prevail. The basement wood is old news, and the new paneling is more multifaceted than before. The new panels are rich in color, texture and tones with a ton of creative use. In 2017, you can catch the wood panels on walls, ceilings, backsplashes and more. You can play in paint when you’re bored to breathe life into a room without utilizing a ton of money. Take your guest back to the good ole days with a brand new spin.

Graphic Tile

Tile of today is not your traditional Carrera marble, it’s pure magic. Modern technology of porcelain has stepped in to create patterns on the floors and walls that work well in both traditional and contemporary settings. The patterns, shapes and colors have the power to turn common kitchen and basic bathrooms into something desirable. The old patterns from the past has found a new purpose in the future.

Induction Tops

Something different in the new year is durability and it starts with induction tops. Yes, the induction top has been around for a while, but its finally starting to find its place in the industry. Always remaining cool to the touch, this top offers immediate control of temperature and maintains low heat levels for hours. This induction top is energy efficient and makes for an easy cleanup off of a smooth surface. Say your final goodbyes to your electric and gas cooktops, there’s a new cook in the kitchen.

A new year is the mark of new beginnings, so why not start off by spicing things up a bit? If you’re feeling a little frisky and willing to get your hands dirty, dash to the kitchen to do away with the pieces of the past and incorporate that killer kitchen you’ve been dreaming about.