Hot Design Trends Right Now in Kirkwood & Webster Groves

In our last blog, we talked about why it’s such a good idea to remodel your Webster Groves or Kirkwood home. Today we’re here to share some of the trends that we’re seeing in our clients’ home renovation projects. We love to reflect upon the finished masterpiece, and to get inspired by it. Each home is unique, and each RIGGS client brings their own set of needs for what their home should be. Yet there are some things that are hot right now – things that clients are asking about, pinning on their Pinterest boards, and incorporating into their designs:

Bring on the Blue

A huge trend for kitchen color schemes and design right now is navy blue cabinets and white marble-esque countertops. For those who are looking for something different, daring and bold, this look is such an impressive addition to a home. Once bland kitchens receive a transformation that stops the show and presents a unique look.

Expanding Family, Expanding Home

Another need that we are seeing with our clients, is the need to expand on a home because families are growing! Perhaps a family is blending two households, creating the need for additional space. Or maybe, parents are becoming grandparents, and suddenly the empty nest starts to shift back to a full nest. Holidays, events, birthday parties and more start to become cramped over time as the family grows, and bigger spaces are necessary to accommodate for these additional members. We love that we have the opportunity to facilitate families being together in their own homes, creating a comfortable space for them to make memories many years into the future.

Focus on Wants, Not Needs

Many of our clients in Kirkwood and Webster Groves are embarking on renovation projects because they are now at a place in their lives where this is possible. They’re asking for what they want, not what they need. This means that they’re shifting away from remodeling their bathroom, for example, because things are broken. They are remodeling because they have a vision for the bathroom they want and are focused on making that happen. They have the opportunity to create the home of their dreams with RIGGS, and they are acting on it.

Have any of these exciting trends popped up on your Pinterest boards? What ideas have you seen that spark your attention that you’d like to see us feature? We look forward to sharing ideas and getting inspired together.